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The True Sacred Space: Clear the Air II

During my time studying with Alura, She has encouraged the use of transcendental meditation. I can definitely attest to how essential it is. Setting up a regular meditation schedule and sticking to it is something I’ve had to do, and now it’s become more vital than ever. If I don’t do it, I notice the effects.

This also plays into an important lesson I’ve been learning: perseverance. Without going into too much detail, many things in life have gotten me down. Contrary to what New Age kept promoting, the spiritual path is not a bowl of cherries. There will always be obstacles – both of your own making and some from opposing forces – but do you know the real reason(s) they are there? Are they lessons? Tests? Prompts to get to you to go deeper? It’s nearly impossible to tell if you don’t have someone to help you or if you reject the idea that you need help and try to be your own “god”.

Speaking from personal experience, that’s never a wise idea. A wise person admits they need genuine help and asks for it. What is there to lose? Pride is not all it’s cracked up to be. I had to make a decision to value my soul over my pride, and I continue to make that choice each day. It’s the best choice I ever could have made.

Of course, one of the main obstacles to getting that help was financial because humans have created a society that places money above everything else. However, that just meant I had to plan to become more independent – which I’m supposed to do anyway. This was an added incentive. In the meantime, I take full advantage of all the posts, advice, and information my mentor puts out for free and try to follow as much of it as possible. Staying connected to people in our private Facebook group and other online platforms helps a great deal, too.

When I say “clear the air”, I suppose I should also add “clear the water” – since they say water represents emotions. When you truly put effort into following the advice and taking a leap of faith every now and then, you’ll eventually find yourself in a better emotional state. Meditation can seem like a struggle at first, but I know that’s either opposition or the natural result of something that can be used to stop me from going further. And since I’m empathic, not all the emotions I feel are necessarily my own. That can be hard to remember when you’re in the middle of it, but I try.

I struggle with motivation and anxiety just as others do, but I choose to use this as an opportunity to do something with them. I have to make the decision to seek help when needed and distract myself away from worldly distractions and refocus on the goals that probably aren’t as distant as they seem. Prayer is a great help, too. I pray multiple times a day – no set number, no fancy ceremony. I just talk to the Heavens.

Taking a break to physically exercise, spending time at my shrines or altar, and being with family are also vitally important to my well-being. It’s good to focus on the needs of someone other than yourself, too – family, friends, strangers who are having a tough time, as well. My mother has always said, “There’s always somebody who has it worse than you.” I’ve met some of them, and it makes me grateful for what I have and have done with my life. It also encourages me to keep aiming for my goals so I can one day help others more effectively. For now, kind words and a little extra effort are enough; and they can go a long way.

Learning the deeper truth about yourself and facing the “ugly parts” can be difficult, but perhaps we over-emphasize how difficult it can be. If the struggle is what you focus on, then that’s all you’ll see/feel/experience. I’m trying not to judge, only observe. Adopting that mindset has made a huge difference in my stress levels lately. Eventually, I see why I’ve been the way I have been and can learn, forgive, let go, an move on. The change happens almost automatically.

Yes, the obstacles will still come up. Yes, there are going to be days when you feel stuck; but it’s not the end of the world. Heaven takes care of those who truly believe and desire to grow the right way. My mentor has never given up on me because that’s the way Heaven is. One day, I hope I’ll be as unconditional. Meanwhile, I’m in training. That’s what my human life is for. So, I’m not going to panic if I get something wrong or give in to the temptation to pull away. No matter what the world decides to do, I can always work with God to make the air a little clearer.

  • E.W.

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