Alura’s Latest Trumpet Blast

More to be on the look out for. I've already seen some possible examples of what She's predicting. These messages aren't given to frighten; they're given as proof that Heaven is real. The Creator is real, and we're being invited to make the changes that will ensure our own safety and bring back some joy... Continue Reading →

Gluten Free

A helpful and encouraging article for anyone curious about a gluten-free diet. My family and I have experience with this, as well, and can attest to the problem gluten causes.

A life of Virtues Magazine

As most know, I’m a “pick & taster” when it comes to eating. I’ve maintained a breatharian diet for the most part but Life is also about the experience. The senses create memories and so I will have a bite or few, of things brought by my kids or visitors in order to taste and enjoy the moment with them. When I do actually sit and have a small amount of food though, I made sure to eliminate the ingredients of gluten and sugar. During a visit with my friend though, I did accidentally add sugar to my coffee out of habit in the past times that she was here when I used to eat a lot of sugar. She hadn’t been here in so long, that it felt like old times. But I immediately recognized my mistake, and after tasting a few sour patch kids that she had bought…

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Wednesday’s “The Grateful Five”

  Today, I give heartfelt thanks to Source for: the sound of rainthe chance to learn more from Alura through her coursesthat I have someone in my family who is like-mindedthe grass and clover that's growing in the backyardthe rabbits I see hiding in the grass

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