Gluten Free

A helpful and encouraging article for anyone curious about a gluten-free diet. My family and I have experience with this, as well, and can attest to the problem gluten causes.

A life of Virtues Magazine

As most know, I’m a “pick & taster” when it comes to eating. I’ve maintained a breatharian diet for the most part but Life is also about the experience. The senses create memories and so I will have a bite or few, of things brought by my kids or visitors in order to taste and enjoy the moment with them. When I do actually sit and have a small amount of food though, I made sure to eliminate the ingredients of gluten and sugar. During a visit with my friend though, I did accidentally add sugar to my coffee out of habit in the past times that she was here when I used to eat a lot of sugar. She hadn’t been here in so long, that it felt like old times. But I immediately recognized my mistake, and after tasting a few sour patch kids that she had bought…

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Personal Post: “What a Day, What a Day!”

  Daily life has been full of hard work, and lately it's paid off. We've been blessed with the chance to help my mother get some much-needed health care, something that has brought a great deal of relief but also new challenges. Some days, it almost feels as if accomplishment only adds more obstacles, but... Continue Reading →

Wednesday’s “The Grateful Five”

  Today, I give heartfelt thanks to Source for: the sound of rainthe chance to learn more from Alura through her coursesthat I have someone in my family who is like-mindedthe grass and clover that's growing in the backyardthe rabbits I see hiding in the grass

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