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The Cruelty-Free Diet

  In honor of my love for nature and animals, this special page is dedicated to tips and products that are vegan-friendly and can help anyone transitioning or wanting to upgrade their vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. This particular section deals with meal planning and ingredients.

Of course, I’ll be updating the information regularly. I will also be adding resources for vegan, cruelty-free pet products, as well!

  The following is a link to PETA ‘s listing of some approved vegan egg brands, plus where to buy them! We regularly use the ones by Follow Your Heart and have begun baking with them vegan eggs, as well. The results have been great!

“Save Chickens and Your Heart”

This site has simple advice and recipes that are suitable for vegans and vegetarians. They also post educational info and sell ingredients in their online shop!

The Vegetarian Site

Alura Cein has been putting out some wonderful articles full of recipes, tips and tricks, affordable meals, and cost-effective inspiration to help feed your family and stay healthy at the same time. I’ve already tried several, and they are delicious, filling, and last a long time. We’ve already saved quite a bit on the grocery bill! Although all of these ideas are vegan, they can be modified if you want to stick with vegetarianism or still don’t want to let go of eating meat. She even included a few desserts!

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