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The Cruelty-Free Life

As someone who is passionate about the environment and humanity’s impact on the planet, I’ve created this page as a companion to the Cruelty-Free Diet page. Based on my own personal experiences and research, here are products and tips that I have adopted to better my home and lifestyle. Some are geared more towards women (for obvious reasons), but the rest can be used by anyone who wants to live with more awareness and consideration for all life on earth.

New content will be added over time!

Recently, I was finally able to make the transition from using disposable sanitary napkins to reusable organic cotton pads. As women, we not only spend a huge amount of money on our moon cycle supplies but also greatly contribute to land and water pollution with the products we buy. It’s unbelievable how much damage this kind of waste can do! Now I’m eliminating my own role in that issue with cloth pads. After all, that’s what our ancestors used! This is the brand I’ve been using so far. They’re made in the USA and women-owned. They also have some very nice discounts and carry other items you may find useful.

Glad Rags

Over time, awareness of how daily choices impact the environment often leads to change in personal buying habits – especially when it comes to cosmetics. While many women have become more aware of the ingredients in makeup and company ethics, one item I had overlooked was nail polish. This is a PETA-approved, gluten-free brand that I’m looking forward to trying out. They also carry other cosmetic products. Even though I hardly ever where nail polish, I want to make sure what I do wear is kind to animals, humans, and the earth.

Ella and Milla

Instead of spending who-knows-how-many hundreds or thousands of dollars a year on disposable tissues that contribute to landfill trash, we’ve switched to using hankies. This year, we finally found a company that we feel comfortable with. They are USA-owned and operated and only use organic cotton fabrics. They are also offering bandana-style face masks, for those of you who wear them. I highly recommend this company!

Organic Cotton Handkerchiefs

As we all stock up on supplies and transition to using healthier products in our homes, one of the things we often forget to include is dental care products. This company creates vegan, cruelty-free dental floss that will actually remove plaque from your teeth.

This was recommended to me by my own dental hygienist who educated me on the ineffectiveness of common waxed or ribbon floss. Remember, plaque is sticky. You need something textured in order to get rid of it. The waxed and ribbon flosses should only be used if you’ve never flossed before, because they’re gentle on the gums and easier to control.

However, if you want something more effective, vegan, environmentally-friendly, and cruelty free, check out this brand. One box gives you a two-month supply! The other great thing about them, is that you never have to throw the containers away – just order a refill in any flavor you want. This cuts down on the amount of household waste!


We have used this family owned and operated company for years, and they are wonderful! Affordable, clean, safe, and you can buy in bulk if you want to! Their products are amazing, and customer service is excellent. They’ve been eco conscious since 1947.

Cal Ben Pure Soap Company

I was finally able to begin purchasing cruelty-free footwear recently and chose one of the summer sandals from Will’s Vegan Shoes. I highly recommend them. Some items may be more affordable than others, but they are all well-worth the money. If you’re curious, try them out. You will be helping animals, the environment, and and your own health. Some of their styles are also made from recycled materials.

Will’s Vegan Shoes

Just a few of the articles, posts, and other links I’ve used during my research for “The Challenging Reality” mini series:

Eco World’s “The Ultimate Guide to Plastic Free Vegan Shoes”

Vogue’s “The Leather Debate: Is Vegan Leather A Sustainable Alternative To The Real Thing?”

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