Alura Cein’s Platforms

Notice: Several pages are currently under revision. Updates will be shared promptly.

World Of Soul Types – learn, grow, prepare

Alura’s Spiritual Services – for healing, community, education and mentorship.

Expand your consciousness with The Illumination of Metatron . (Currently Private)

Free your mind and soul by enrolling in Alura’s Courses.

You can now register and set up a monthly subscription to Alura’s Angels to gain access to life-changing information. Some entries to The Angelic Herald are still available to read for fee.

Subscribe to her Youtube Channel . (Experiencing censorship once again. If sharing with others, please mention that you must either have a link to a video or do a search for her name in order to find it.)

Discover a magical world at A Life Of Virtues. (Note: both this blog and her services site have been heavily censored by Facebook and other sources. Sharing on that platform may be impossible right now.)

Listen to episodes of the Spirit Rant Podcast for free.

Follow Alura on Instagram .

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