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Ethereal Consciousness

During this time in human history, people need support and compassion more than ever before. As a long-time student of my mentor Alura Cein, I have seen first hand how embracing the magic and excitement of spirituality in a safe way can lift someone’s spirits and even help them see how to overcome obstacles and better their relationships. Alura’s Facebook group “Ethereal Consciousness” is a place where others can experience some of this wonder and connect with like-minded individuals.

The group is private (to protect the privacy of members who have had negative experiences online), but anyone is welcome to send in a request to join. If you are not accepted, it doesn’t mean you’re not wanted. It may simply be because another group might be better for you at this time. Everyone is on their own path, and we want to respect that. You’re even free to send the request again at a later date, if you still haven’t found something that suits you.

As always, please be mindful and follow the guidelines. No self-promotion or drama – just loving kindness, support, and good clean fun! We try to be each other’s extended family in a time when family has been completely redefined by society and popular trend. We also don’t just limit the conversation to angels but also discuss various topics such as star beings, soul origins, magical creatures, healthy family values, as well as spiritual and “practical” perspectives and guidance for current events. Many who’ve participated have been amazed by the support and acceptance they’ve received.

Ethereal Consciousness

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