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The True Sacred Space: Clear the Air I

As previously stated, this series has been written as a complement to the original post by Alura Cein. In this entry, I would like to add my own experiences with some of the suggestions She gave in that post about keeping yourself in a good place during these times.

Over the next several weeks, I’ll feature one of the habits I’ve formed – new or recent – that’s based either on advice publicly available from Alura through Her blogs or information I’ve researched myself over the years that have encouraged and helped me stay motivated. Let’s start with what’s in the air. (Cue symbolic meanings.)

One of the suggestions was to play recordings of Bible verses or other sacred texts in place of watching television. There hasn’t been a television set in my living space for years, and even when there was, we didn’t have cable. We completely controlled our viewing experience by having a collection of films and shows on tape (and later DVD) and only watched them when we were truly in the mood.

We still hold true to this habit. Judging from other people I’ve known and observed, I would say we tend to be a little less irritable and a lot less stressed – particularly compared to those who regularly watch the news.

The atmosphere of the home is considerably different from that of others I’ve walked into, as well. Since we don’t have nearly as many electronics as most people, the energy tends to feel more natural and relaxed. The devices we do have are not turned on all day. Those that are on sit near salt lamps in rooms where the windows can be opened to change the air. When you change the air, you change the energy.

We also use a great deal of natural light during the day for as long as there’s daylight. Even when it’s getting dark outside, we simply supplement with candles. While we still use electricity, we’ve lessened our dependence on it in the evening. Instead, we enjoy more candlelight, which has a soothing effect on us before we go to bed. (This plus natural light seems to have improved my vision, too. I used to be very nearsighted but haven’t worn glasses in years.)

Another benefit I noticed is that when I lessen my use of the devices and limit media viewing time (social media included), it became increasingly easier to meditate. This is not solely due to having more time. It’s because I’m not taking in the programming that’s put through those outlets. This makes it easier to clear my mind. I can also keep up a fairly regular meditation schedule and focus more on my connection with God and the Heavens. The attitudes and opinions of others aren’t there in my subconscious and unconscious to interfere as much.

I made a playlist of sacred texts on youtube that is added to over time. I play it fairly regularly along with other “higher vibe” lists I’ve collected. The difference between the feeling in the air while playing these texts and other sounds is very evident to me. They have become part of my go-to strategy when I feel something’s off or my emotions are getting the better of me.

Playing the sounds has also proven to be a great way to shift focus after a long day at work – both for myself and my mother with whom I share my home. It’s easier to release the stress of the day when the atmosphere is lighter and more gentle.

Personally, I can back up Alura’s recommendation and encourage others to give it a try. What have you got to lose? Clean out the popular “music” (especially hip hop and rap), and start shifting your listening habits to genres that are healthy for you.

Avoid all music that focuses on sadness, hurt, heartache, and anger, as well. Don’t you think it’s suspicious that it’s being promoted far more than the positive stuff these days? Don’t you think it’s odd that people are gravitating to it so much that it outweighs everything else they listen to? Have you ever asked yourself where that “enjoyment” of sadness is coming from? Why do you think it’s “natural”? As Alura has said many times: these thoughts and feelings are coming from somewhere.

If you discount the effects of sound and the power of words, then I suggest you pick up a copy of Masaru Emoto’s bestselling book The Hidden Messages in Water. This is a very surface example of how potent they are. Keep this in mind when you speak, too – or believe a word’s effect changes just because you’ve decided it should mean something else or be taken a different way. More on that, later…

  • E.W.


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