“Thought For the Day is back!”

Here's the first thought/quote for the day of 2021! It's been a while since I posted these regularly. This year will see plenty more deep, inspirational, motivational quotes here on S.D. Let's dive into self-esteem with this thought today. - E.W.

“What’s Your Poison?” – Poetry

Special edition poem posted to T.W.N. I usually post one poem a week, so this is a treat!

The Whiteraven Net

Common sense abandoned

Countless warnings issued (remember how the skies roared?)

Proof of Heralds night and day, growing body count of sacrifice victims

Obvious Frankensteinian experimentation

The whole worlds sees. The whole worlds knows.

Devastating side-effects broadcasted

Those who drink are robbed of empathy

Those who drink can not feel God

Those who drink change the double spiral

Who knows what chaos such will bring?

And yet they still clamor and worship the Dark God

How unjust! What foolish choices! Such a spiritual crime!

Heaven, have mercy on them!

Was it worth the spoonful of sugar?

There will be retribution one day – but on which side will you stand?

Poetry Copyright © 2020 by Ena Whiteraven   All rights reserved.

Artwork: first image found online, photographer unknown – second image originally posted by Alura Cein onUniversal Souls

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Contribution to “The Weekly Smile”: “Breaking the Shell” #weeklysmile

  It's more important now than ever to build and maintain true community. I haven't been a very social person for most of my life and have begun making an effort to change that. Once I made that decision, a few old acquaintances began contacting me (interesting timing). One is a good friend in Texas,... Continue Reading →

Wednesday’s “The Grateful Five”

Today, I start the morning by giving thanks for: the recent rain we had that was greatly neededuplifting musicthe recent girls' day out I had!the help my guides have given me as I continue my shadow worka new day so that I can change up my routine once again

“Free-will (and Other Lies)” – Poetry

Last poem of 2020.

The Whiteraven Net

A moving picture postcard, animated scenery,

and dramas taken from the pages of a scripted comedy.

What is it you see? Just what you expect:

Material from Vaudeville and conveniences that lack

All purpose, life, and passion –

Set designs so cold and wooden.

Who is there behind it? Who has fed the Beast?

Who welcomes the iron curtain stretched from west to east?

It’s a simple matter of free-will (and other lies).

Why else can you never look each other in the eyes?

And as the raging giants shake and trample all the land,

you reject the chance to take each other by the hand –

Trading Paradise for the third and fourth regime,

Perpetual insanity, and daily tyranny.

Your time is nearly over. Who will join the rising

Of the meek and humble and abandon mankind’s falling?

Beware the poisoned gifts of free-will (and other lies),

for now…

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Arrow of Truth- End of 2020 Holiday Reading

Holiday and New Years reading with vital information. You are not alone. Please don’t give up! If you need help, please ask. Following some of the guidance here can make changes in your life, but you have to keep it up.

A life of Virtues Magazine

Greetings, this is the December 2020 tarot reading for the holidays. For my VIP clients, there will be more personal insight included in their newsletter.

Humans walk this Earth with an urge to understand. But what is it that they have a great need to understand? Is it the meaning of life? Is it the meaning of their own life or for all of life? Either way, everyone seeks their purpose. They seek to understand whether they are on the correct path toward it. But how many can truly accept it once they know what it is? The idea is that, everyone is seeking a meaning but is it they themselves who define it? Or is there a power higher than themselves that has already pre-destined it?

It’s a little bit of both.

Even when their purpose is finally discovered and accepted within their heart and soul, how many things…

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