Personal Post – "When Times Get Tough"

  I can't count the number of times I've been so frustrated on this path and wanted to throw in the towel. Sometimes I just can't stand the constant up-hill battle I have to face to meet even the smallest of goals. There are days I just want to give up and try something else.... Continue Reading →

Blog Update: Posts and Being the Change

Just a quick update! Lots of new content is coming to Superlative Deviation, including a few more personal posts and a literary update. Those be ready by the end of the week. I'll be talking a little about my life, other online platforms, recent events and experiences, and possibly a little bit of family life.... Continue Reading →

Autumn Spell

This is such a beautiful poem, I just had to share it! It really cheered me up today. Fall is one of my favorite times of year, and this piece really speaks to me as a spiritual person, as well – even if it might not have been meant that way. Check out the author’s page for more lovely words.

The Batty Bookish Brunette

In the cloak of autumn,

A silhouette adorned in gold

Bound to no one

Bows to the old ones


“I think we’ve met”.

She glides among the willows

Whose branches are marionettes

Whispering tales of

Royal daughters and sons.

The rivers are silent and still

Like the checkered daffodil,

Waiting for the wintertide to subside,

Making way for the nymphs of spring

To upswing with laughter and pride,

Giving life.

Warily she tiptoes

Down the crossroads

That no one knows,

Leaving golden leaves behind.

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“Special Feature! Just because the world is in chaos doesn’t mean it’s too late.”

Step one of new project involving The Whiteraven Net. Join me and stay tuned for more! Please share this content everywhere you can. Just as in every good book or hero film, we now have the chance to create that happy ending.

The Whiteraven Net

  Please join us online and out in the world. Connect with loved ones and neighbors, strangers and friends. Share this information wherever you can. Even I have been upping my game! Several new pages will be added to this site right away and a new post will debut shortly after this. New personal posts are about to arrive at Superlative Deviation, as well. Never doubt that you are loved! – E.W.

“People act out when they feel unloved or hurt. But imagine how many times you were in a bad place and somebody helped you? You never forgot it did you? When you finally got into a better place you then felt inspired to help others like you were helped. Well that is similar to the domino effect we can create as a people by helping each other. But alas, I say these things for nothing sometimes….

“If you…

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"Welcome To Real" – Personal Post

  As we enter the new calendar year, I'm implementing a few changes to my online presence. We know from Alura and the Heavens that we have terrible events coming up, but we'll be protected. And we're eager for more people to join us! After so many false "end times prophecies", people have been trained... Continue Reading →

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