Personal/Lit. Post – “A Slow Return”

  Touch typing is something I always meant to learn but never did. Recently, I decided it was time to stop procrastinating and figure out a way to teach myself. So far, it's worked pretty well. Of course, I'm not very good yet; but I practice every time I sit (or stand) at the keyboard.... Continue Reading →

“Thought For the Day” is Back!

Early on in the creation of this blog, I would sometimes post a "Thought For the Day". I decided to revive these posts because of their encouraging and creative nature. May these ideas spark new realizations, fun, and hope in the lives of all who come across them. - E.W.

Blog Update

  As I formulate a plan for refreshing this blog, I have decided to keep the things I enjoy the most about it. The Grateful Five is definitely one of them! I actually have a lot of fun with those posts and how it boosts positivity. The vegan resources I've posted will also be staying... Continue Reading →

Tuesday’s “The Grateful Five”

Today, I'm thankful for: the wisdom to stop and consider how our action and inaction affects the world around usthose who are still working to protect the environment through personal lifestyle choicesthose who are doing their best to rescue and provide safe homes for all animals who've been abused by people and industriesmoments of silence... Continue Reading →

Lit. Update and T.W.N.

The Whiteraven Net now has separate pages that list all content that has been published on other blogs. Spiritually Awkward Magazine (now renamed A Life Of Virtue)The Positivity PressFeatured Poetry

By The Day: September 7, 2020

A life of Virtues Magazine

What a thing to ponder! What am I talking about? Our last exercise. In that, many thought deeply about where they would be had they not found spirituality. I gave a few ways to question it, to provoke deeper thinking. Today, we start our week on the dreaded Monday! Admittedly, Mondays are not a lot of peoples favorite day of the week. It is a day in which the hustle and bustle of the week begins and everyone is trying to jump back into the physical energy that they need, from relaxing over the weekend. As an angelic soul, one week is but one day for me being here. I never do really know what day I’m on unless I actually seek it out or have someone remind me. And even still if somebody tells me it’s a Monday, it’s still feels just like the Monday that past, and without…

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