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Being the Change

How many people want to create change in their lives and the lives of others but don’t know where to start? It can be daunting, and sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated. I find that commitment is key, but how does one stay commited? Personally, I’ve noticed that if you set only one goal (start small), it’s easier to stay on track. Then expand when you feel ready.

This page – originally posted to my official author site The Whiteraven Net – provides a listing of educational resources that can inspire or jumpstart your own personal transformation. It also includes causes I support that I’ve found to be reputable. It’s subject to revision and will receive regular updates. Note: Please remember that it’s best to do your own research. These are just a few ideas for those who want to look deeper.

Many blessing!


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Protect endangered species and other wildlife with WildAid.

PETA is a wonderful place  to not only educate yourself about the impact of human’s treatment of animals on the plant, but also for finding ways to support changing those practices through ethical purchases, activism, and local movements. I’ve been watching them for quite some time now and have sign a number of petitions that are helping to protect these beautiful creatures the Creator made. Check out the PETA Mall!

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Help children suffering from hair loss due to radiation, chemo, autoimmune diseases, burn injuries, and other conditions by donating to Locks Of Love.


My mentor Alura Cein is a wonderful, truthful person who guides and supports men, women, and children of all ages and backgrounds to reach their goals, better themselves and their families, and find their place in the world. She is also a licensed psychologist and can advise on many different issues. Much of her proceeds go to helping needy families, veterans, and the environment. She is the only one I trust enough to guide me in my own personal and professional life, and I’m a better person for knowing her. If you’re feeling lost or disatisfied or perhaps have an issue with relationships or trauma or just want to put the magic back in your life, check out her services. You can read about her mission here.

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As more and more of Alura’s predictions come true, stay prepared with some products and ideas from Stealth Angel Survival . A good friend of mine shared this link on Facebook, and I’ve decided to check them out.


Support and/or volunteer for ocean clean-up with 4 Ocean

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Lion Recovery

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Network for Animals

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