Tuesday’s the Grateful Five

Today I give thanks to the Heavens for: life lessons that bring new ideas and inspirationsnew realizations had through shadow workthe baby birds who come to eat at the feeder outsidekind neighbors the shade of my favorite trees

Blog Update: “S.D. Plans for Spring!”

  This year will be seeing a lot more original content, and a few new additions. One is some posts that are also linked to content I've shared on other platforms. I have already begun that process in several recent blog posts that mentioned topics that have come up on Facebook and Instagram. Since I'm... Continue Reading →

Wednesday’s “The Grateful Five”

Today, I start the morning by giving thanks for: the recent rain we had that was greatly neededuplifting musicthe recent girls' day out I had!the help my guides have given me as I continue my shadow worka new day so that I can change up my routine once again

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