Personal Post (w. links): “Thanksgiving and the Light”

  I hope everyone made the most of their Thanksgiving holiday. We should be giving thanks to the Heavens and spending time with family all year 'round, but this is the official day when everyone participates together.   For us, Thanksgiving looks a little different because of our understanding of history, belief systems, family, and... Continue Reading →

“They Say There Is No Heaven” – Poetry

Brand-new poem I just had to share.

The Whiteraven Net

They say there is no Heaven, yet they marvel at the flowers

And submit their lives and souls to the passages of the Hours.

They say there is no Heaven, yet not one of them can stand

Against the raging winds and rains that buffet every land.

They say there is no Heaven, yet they fear the burning flames –

The ice, the lightning, hail, and stones that treat all men the same.

Fairies chuckle, Dryads sigh at man’s rebellious face –

Merfolk shake their heads at the open heart erased.

As men take pride in death and plagues…

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“Spirits Rise!” – Poetry

New poem for the season – and the times. Enjoy!

The Whiteraven Net

Spirits rise! But of what kind?

A door once opened might never be closed

Spirits rise! But of what kind?

Those who self-rule carry no shield

Spirits rise! But of what kind?

The naive consider themselves mighty and bold

Spirits rise! But of what kind?

How many can discern Heaven from Hell?

Spirits rise! But of what kind?

The deceived seek wisdom within the spider’s mansion

Spirits rise! But of what kind?

Their children amuse themselves with live grenades

Spirits rise! But of what kind?

When offered truth, they shoot darts of poison

Spirits rise! But of what kind?

So they must lay on the bed that they made.

How good can those specters be? How much light can they bring

If those who follow have abandoned mankind?

If darkness is welcomed and rewarded as virtue

And curses are embraced as affection?

How twisted the spiritual mind has become!


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By the day: Reading, it’s not an old school thing…

An important article and some inspiration and advice in A Life Of Virtue. My work even gets a mention! Thanks, Alura!

A life of Virtues Magazine

Books are so valuable, I don’t think people even really realize it. There was a time where certain books weren’t even allowed. A long time ago, the church as well as the government used to determine what the people were allowed to have, in terms of education and resources of information. There was even a time that you weren’t allowed to own a Bible yourself!

As the world around us took shape throughout the centuries, different books and topics went through so many challenges. People had to abide by what the law said. Unfortunately, in a lot of ways it is still like this. There is the notion that we have more freedom now than we used to. I suppose it is true to some degree… But censorship is still a tremendous problem in terms of education, spirituality, and what people are allowed to know in terms of truth.


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