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Lit. and Personal Update: “Chapter Twelve and Fighting For the Goals”

  Hello, people! I’m so glad to be back with some personal posts and literary updates. So much has happened lately, I hardly know where to begin.

  First of all, I hope everyone is safe and secure this holiday season. Please take the time to draw closer to family and bring back some of the innocence and magic that this time of year used to bring. Remember: it’s not the holiday that’s changed; it’s the values many have adopted. Be the change you wish to see. As Alura says – heaven gives you the light, but you have to care for it. If you’re honestly doing your best, they will help you. If you need to connect with like-minded people and find some good support and love, please feel free to check out Alura’s group on her site. Believe me, we all have our bad days. That’s doesn’t matter, though, because we’re still there for each other. Go to the “Alura Cein’s Platforms” page here on the blog to sign up. 

Secondly, I have been fighting to reach my goals; and believe me there are times when it feels nearly impossible. That’s an illusion, though, because the truth is I am moving forward. Opposing forces just make it look as if I’m not. Living a virtuous spiritual life and working the path to higher self doesn’t mean living a fairy tale life. It’s challenging because it feeds your soul – saves your soul in many ways, I think. Recently, I have renewed enthusiasm (though the bad days still come and go). I’m happy to say that the twelfth chapter of my novel is half finished! I’m no longer revising the original. This is all-new content so it’s a lot of work. I’m also trying to organize a couple future projects and making plans for my new job search that will start after the new year.

  Lastly, my author site The Whiteraven Net is about to reach one-thousand hits! There are also fifty WordPress bloggers following it now. I’m amazed I have hit these milestones and want to thank everyone who has shown an interest in my poetry. I’ll be releasing even more soon, along with a couple of surprises!

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