Double Feature! Contribution to “The Weekly Smile” (plus Hobby post): “The Bookcase and Preparing For Spring” #weeklysmile

  I realized I hadn't contributed to the Weekly Wise for a while and decided to kick the week off with this prompt. (Our week actually starts on Sunday, but I know most people by the modern calendar.)  We've embarked on a new family project: assembling the bookcases we've waited years to get! It's exciting... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wise- Vol: 4

Good news and deep thoughts for this week!

A life of Virtues Magazine

Divine love and many greetings of gods undying blessings to all of you, the reader. This is yet again our weekly wisdom provided by the insight of the heavens. I am going to throw a card out there to verify that it is indeed the energy surrounding everyone. Pretty soon I will not be using any cards at all, and basing these readings off of my own psychic and spiritual vision.

This week I could see that a lot of people have money matters on the mind. Why not? The holidays are right around the corner after all. We talked about this a little bit last week, in the previous forecast. A lot of tension is rising surrounding the attempt to please loved ones in getting things that they have requested or things that you merely think that they will like.

With so many families having a hard time in…

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