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Personal Post/ Blog Update: “Schedule and Energy Challenges”

  As the journey towards higher self continues, I’ve been making some changes in my life. Recently, I posted about trying to be more just with myself. This has been a constant struggle, but I’m still working on it.

  However, I’ve also been prompted to check my words to make sure they don’t hurt. While I’ve never been what most would consider to be a hurtful person, this is more about holding myself to a higher standard and making sure the standards I have set don’t slip. I think it’s important to take stock of your morals, habits, lifestyle, and motives regularly – kind of like giving yourself a spring clean, only it happens year-round.

  One of the ways I’ve been tested recently has been through the various energies I deal with each day. The sun has been harsh here, as Alura predicted, which means I have greater trouble spending time outside. I need nature to stay balanced and happy, but sometimes I can’t manage to go out for my late evening walk. Even after the sun has been down for a while, it’s still pretty humid, which is also draining. 

Nevertheless, I’m determined not to give up. I have renewed my plan of getting out at least once a day. I may just have to try to adjust to the changes. At least it will toughen me up! I am also resolving to do a better job with balancing my writing, workouts, household routine, spiritual exercises, and new job. It’s overwhelming, but I have to do better. 

I am also adding several new links to the “Cruelty-Free Life” page. These are products that I can personally recommend that are both safe and cost-effective, especially for anyone wanting to stock up in preparation for what’s coming. 

As for The Whiteraven Net, I discovered that with everything I’ve been trying to keep up to date, I’ve fallen behind on some of my weekly posts. It is important for me to release content to my author site regularly, but I also want to make sure that content is the best it can be. If I need an extra week, I need an extra. However, a new poem will be going up this Tuesday.

May you find happiness in even the darkest times.

  • E.W.

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