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Lit. Update: Poetry

Update on poetry book! More news still to come.

The Whiteraven Net

  As visitors and followers of my author site are aware, I’ve begun removing some content and making several updates to pages and posts. I’m happy to say that I have collected all the poems I have written to date, and the revisions are progressing very well. Several pieces that have been deleted from this site have been re-written and expanded. I will continue to share updates but am not posting excerpts quite yet.  

Working on the poetry is a nice change of pace from the cozy mystery. And yes, an update on that is forth-coming, as well.

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Life/Lit. Update – “Announcing Poetry Book! And T.W.N.”

  For those who are following my author site, The Whiteraven Net, you will have already heard this announcement. However, I do have a couple more things to add.   After consultation with my lovely mentor, Alura Cein, I am beginning work on my poetry book! Due to these changes, T.W.N. is in the process... Continue Reading →

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