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Angelic Year Edition: “Forging Ahead and Community”

  The new year has already provided me with some challenges. There’s been so much to do and a lot of influences and thoughts I have to sift through. That’s part of the growth process, especially when you are serious about spirituality. After dealing with a bad head cold and allergy attacks, which are still getting me down, I’ve been having trouble regaining and maintaining my focus and motivation. The constant hardships with the job search doesn’t help, either.

It’s very easy to become overwhelmed, and I often feel that way; but I know this is just another opportunity to apply what I’ve learned with Alura. I knew that once I took Her Tree of Life course, I’d probably get hit with all kinds of tests. So, I wasn’t surprised when these things started happening. And through it all, She’s been there – so have my friends in our facebook group.

Our group isn’t like the others out there. We’re a family, even though most of us have never met in person. It doesn’t matter what background anyone has come from or what stage they’re at on their journey. We always try to be respectful, supportive, and non-judgmental regardless. If someone feels alone, they just have to speak up. If they want prayer for something, we’re here.

Recently we’ve re-started our tradition of having theme weeks and are doing a group Heavenly Homework together, led by Alura, that has many layers of lessons in them. Having such a space online truly makes a difference in everybody’s morale. It brightens our days, and helps us forge ahead as the world tries to hold us back. If compassion is lacking in the world, we encourage each other to bring it back by keeping it in ourselves.

If everyone built a true community as we’ve done, then people would be far better off. Unfortunately, not everyone wants it. That’s alright. We will make our own, nevertheless – and one day join together to make it happen in the real world. In the meantime, we do what we can to create it in our own families and neighborhoods, too. That’s part of what being the better change is all about.

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