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Personal Post (w. links): “Thanksgiving and the Light”

  I hope everyone made the most of their Thanksgiving holiday. We should be giving thanks to the Heavens and spending time with family all year ’round, but this is the official day when everyone participates together.

  For us, Thanksgiving looks a little different because of our understanding of history, belief systems, family, and community. For us, this is a magical time, especially this year. Being a student of the person we’ve chosen as a mentor, we see what’s been happening in the world for what it really is. We understand some of the things that are going on behind the scenes and in the higher realms that govern all life here. Even though it’s a dark time, it’s vital that we not be afraid; and because we’re with someone who really helps us get somewhere, we have the assurance that everything truly will be better in the end (though perhaps not in the time frame that everybody wants).

  There’s a lot of work to be done over this holiday season: improving relationships, reconnecting with those you’ve become distant from, exploring and learning from history, studying your own past mistakes so you won’t repeat them in the future, honoring your past (or at least accepting it) because it’s helped make you who you are today, reaching out to others who feel even more alone now than every before, disconnecting from the darkness of the online web and plugging back in to reality. These are just a few of my own prompts that I’ve made for myself this year. I’m determined to make this one of the most magical and educational holidays yet.

  Some time soon, I hope to share a few of my own experiences that helped shape some of my ideas and views on the holidays here on the blog. At the very least, it might help others to gain a different perspective that is not based on what they get on the news or in the dominant society in general; and it gives us a chance to share a laugh or two.

During this time of year, so many go along with “keeping up with Joneses” and spending more and more money on gifts that decrease in value almost before you walk out the store. Yes, things have changed and will continue to, but if you ask me, all that matters now is how you change with it. Will you change for the better or allow them to take away the empathy, compassion, values, love, kinds, and imagination you still have? Are you going to stand by and watch your definition of home and family become what they want it to be or reshape it into what it was always meant to be? Will you bow to the hijacking of your children’s minds or do what it takes to save them? It’s up to you.

God Works In Mysterious Ways…

Angelic Herald: The Battle

Stay tuned for some fun updates!

  • E.W.

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