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Lit. Update: Poetry, Mystery, and Hectic Life

  I can hardly believe I’m already half-way through chapter eight of my cozy mystery novel! It’s been a long, painful road, but I think it was worth it. I’m excited to see how I do with the literary agency I’ll be working with. I have a lot of questions for them and must stay on my toes. The industry is full of con-artists and dubious people who are more than happy to scam you later on down the road. 

In the meantime, I’ve decided to try my hand at doing a few poetry readings! I’ll be recording them and posting to my Instagram page. I’ve been getting quite a bit of feedback from readers who say they’ve really been touched by my writing, and several have even given me a mention on their blogs and websites. I’m searching for print magazines and publishers who might be interested in some new stuff I’ve been creating, as well as looking for publishers of pre-released content.

  Life’s been awfully busy, but I’m hoping to find an outside job to help pay off a few bills and save money for courses I intend to take with Alura. Plans to study for college and get more dental work done are also on my to-do list. Somehow in my spare time, I hope to create original content for my Youtube channel. It’s not a high priority right now as I’m trying to get other things done, but I do still want to try my hand at making a few videos. To my surprise, the channel actually has a couple of subscribers already! So I’m using Instagram as a way to practice.

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