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Personal Post/Lit. Update: “T.W.N., Blog, Life, etc.”

  Due to a shake up in both my personal and professional life, I have not been putting out any online content for a while. I have not been active on my social media platforms and have taken a break from interacting as much so that I could focus on other things.  While I will not be going into details here, there are some big changes on the way.

Also, I have begun submitting my completed novel to various agents for consideration and hope to get some feedback soon. I have been advised not to delete this blog but instead to find something that I’m passionate about and enjoy discussing. I have no idea what that will be yet, but stay tuned for a significant shake up here. 

As far as The Whiteraven Net goes, it will also remain up for some time. I’m conflicted about whether or not to continue releasing poetry there because I would really like to receive compensation for all that hard work, but I will post some new content when I’m ready.

  • E.W.

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