“The Challenging Reality: Vegan Leather”

Recently, I have been furthering my understanding of vegan and cruelty-free topics - specifically with regards to clothing, textiles, and manufacturing. As someone who never conformed to what most people saw as a normal diet and was considered by many to be vegetarian before it was "cool", I was thrilled to see the huge selection... Continue Reading →

Thursday’s “The Grateful Five”

Today, I give thanks for: the recent struggles that are teaching me things about myselfa working dishwasher so I can clean dishes and work on assignments at the same time!the way the neighborhood cats make me laughthe determination to motivate myself to get up early and watch the sunrisethe candles we burn instead of electricity

Personal Post – “A Different Kind”

  If people were to get a peek into my activities this year, they probably wouldn't think I was celebrating at all. While the Grianstad festival does include the day most people now call Halloween, we've never observed that day. Our festival is about giving thanks, helping others, and preparing for the winter - not... Continue Reading →

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