“Spirits Rise!” – Poetry

New poem for the season – and the times. Enjoy!

The Whiteraven Net

Spirits rise! But of what kind?

A door once opened might never be closed

Spirits rise! But of what kind?

Those who self-rule carry no shield

Spirits rise! But of what kind?

The naive consider themselves mighty and bold

Spirits rise! But of what kind?

How many can discern Heaven from Hell?

Spirits rise! But of what kind?

The deceived seek wisdom within the spider’s mansion

Spirits rise! But of what kind?

Their children amuse themselves with live grenades

Spirits rise! But of what kind?

When offered truth, they shoot darts of poison

Spirits rise! But of what kind?

So they must lay on the bed that they made.

How good can those specters be? How much light can they bring

If those who follow have abandoned mankind?

If darkness is welcomed and rewarded as virtue

And curses are embraced as affection?

How twisted the spiritual mind has become!


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“As They Sow…” – Poetry

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The Whiteraven Net

outside city

The fool abolishes law  and order,

The imbecile claims he is God incarnate,

The ego seeks glory and psychic power,

The traitor worships the Gods Of Death.

All-hail the Indignation!

Let man be torn from the pedestal he stole!

The Owner Of Worlds is not amused.

The Mother  and Father see all

As those below curse the name of Heaven

And darkened hearts burn in the sunlight.

Disbelievers accept strong delusion

Having chosen their own fate.

Rejecting their salvation time after time

Burning the messengers at the stake.

They’ll do so again if given half a chance.

Only the open hearts shall find refuge

Welcome to the Indignation!

Let the true warriors rise!

Behold the meek, the faithful and true

Before they enter their promised paradise.

Make note of the Virtues, remember them well

To be counted in a future life.

Beware the wrath of all nature and sin


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Update and Shared Link

Read up and note the date. All this is coming to pass. As of March 31st, we and other students have been warned by Alura to stock up on food, water, and personal items immediately. Don't give up and don't give in to the darkness, negativity, or perversions. That's how they get you. Don't let... Continue Reading →

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