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Personal Post: “What a Day, What a Day!”

  Daily life has been full of hard work, and lately it’s paid off. We’ve been blessed with the chance to help my mother get some much-needed health care, something that has brought a great deal of relief but also new challenges. Some days, it almost feels as if accomplishment only adds more obstacles, but I’ve decided not to look at it in that negative way. Each step is a blessing and sign that we’re going in the right direction.

  One of the lessons I’ve been learning is how to juggle my new job and running the household, while also staying on top of my writing. Alura says staying busy and keeping focused on your goals is what’s needed to stay positive and motivated, but of course some days are easier than others. This is a great lesson for me, I think, because it prepares me for things that will come later in life. It also gets me to prioritize and set goals and limits to where and how I use my energy. There are things I have to say no to. Some times, I can’t get everything done that I wanted to accomplish in the day, and I have to learn not to beat myself up about it. For instance, this past week, I was unable to post my new poetry to The Whiteraven Net because I was busy and tired from taking care of my mother. There were just too many things going on in my head, and I wasn’t in a good enough place to post.

  These tests are helping me learn several aspects of at least two of the Angelic Virtues: patience and justice. You can’t be patient or just with anyone if you can’t even be patient and just with yourself. I also have to make sure I’m not putting too much importance on superfluous things, which I have done in the past. In spite of the “bad” days, I’m very grateful for the chance to learn these skills. There’s no telling what challenges will come next, but if I can get a handle on these two lessons, I’m sure they will help.

  • E.W.

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