“The Weekly Smile” #weeklysmile “The Magic Of Books!”

One of my all-time favorite activities growing up was reading, both silently and out loud to my mother. Recently, we've picked the tradition back up by reading before bed. As Alura has mentioned in this new article, it's a wonderful way to better your physical and mental health, build your vocabulary, better family time and... Continue Reading →

Re-blog: “The best is yet to come.” — Positive Side Of The Coin

Every morning we wake up with new opportunity to start over, stronger and wiser than before. Make your every day fulfilling day and better than the day we spent. Small steps help us to achieve bigger goals easily. Appreciate today and begin new day with lot’s of positivity. Reclaim your happiness with open hands – […]The... Continue Reading →

Friday’s The Grateful Five”

I am so thankful for: people who care for the animalsthose who care enough to say "How can I help?"those who want to learn real truth and inspire others to do the samethe beauty of frost on the fallen leavesthe poets throughout time who have inspired me

Tuesday’s “The Grateful Five”

Today, I'm thankful for: the wisdom to stop and consider how our action and inaction affects the world around usthose who are still working to protect the environment through personal lifestyle choicesthose who are doing their best to rescue and provide safe homes for all animals who've been abused by people and industriesmoments of silence... Continue Reading →

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