Special Feature! “By The Day: Octoberfest”

Group activities for this month. I’ll be participating in some of them. Hope this helps lift some spirits for all of you! Maybe you’ll join us or celebrate on your own. Either way can make a difference.

A life of Virtues Magazine

Grianstad, the days of many names. There’s a time that can be called many things due to the multiple meanings surrounding it. I have heard those in the spiritual plains above call it:

“End of Year”

“End of Sun” time.

Days of the Sleeping Goddess

The Coronation of the King

Return of the Hunter

And so many more. What I love most about this celebration is, that it incorporates several of them. First we have the celebration of the equinox. During the first week of October, we have the feast of Tabernacle ‘s. Then there is Samhain, and the very next day after there is All Saints Day. I’m so starting from the day of the equinox on September 21, all of the way up until November 1, it is a month jam packed with festivities. It’s always been tradition since Celtic tribal times to make our own decorations, tools…

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Blog Update

  As I formulate a plan for refreshing this blog, I have decided to keep the things I enjoy the most about it. The Grateful Five is definitely one of them! I actually have a lot of fun with those posts and how it boosts positivity. The vegan resources I've posted will also be staying... Continue Reading →

Lit. Update and T.W.N.

The Whiteraven Net now has separate pages that list all content that has been published on other blogs. Spiritually Awkward Magazine (now renamed A Life Of Virtue)The Positivity PressFeatured Poetry

“Dust Of Deception” – Poetry

Brand-new poetry is up at T.W.N. !

The Whiteraven Net


I arrived at a performance filled with laughter and joy

A light-hearted comedy to shake off the dust of depression

So many care-free moments filled with wide-eyed innocence.

But then I briefly recalled my heart’s passion

That key to illusions past, present, and future

And it raised the second curtain on the theater before me.

The laughter was in mockery, they reveled in darkness and sin

The comedy was a tragedy of broken hearts and lonely souls

No standard to be held to, no truth to prevent starvation.

And so I shook the dust of deception from my being

In favor of wide-eyed wisdom.

Poetry Copyright © 2020 by Ena Whiteraven   All rights reserved.

Image: found online

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By the day: September 1, 2020

Today’s Affirmation and Lesson!

A life of Virtues Magazine

Affirmation: “I am love but love can only exist if it’s spread. I will spread my love today.”

It’s true the world is falling down around us. As the Bible says you cannot put New Wine an old wine skins.

“And no one pours new wine into old wineskins. Otherwise, the wine will burst the skins, and both the wine and the wineskins will be ruined. No, they pour new wine into new wineskins.”~ Mark 2:22

But I say similarly, that you cannot build a new house on old foundations. If you try to expand your life in a more positive direction then that means you’re going to have to allow the old life to die away. Becoming a new person means allowing the old person to fade just as well. It also applies to knowledge. When are you taking in a new form of knowledge, you have to…

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Tuesday’s “The Grateful Five”

Today, I give thanks for: the chance to experience a certain amount of depression so I can better empathize with others who suffer from itthe hard work I have to do in order to get my career and better life off the ground so that I become strongerthe chance to write more poetrythe information Alura... Continue Reading →

“A Note On Chaos” – Poetry

The Whiteraven Net

realizeYear after year, the agenda is worked

Orchestrated illness = orchestrated cure

Unless you hearken to Heaven’s Word

Angelics herald with guidance and protection, but you

Run towards chaos and destruction

Endlessly ignoring salvation and truth

Believers work the path with wary eyes and opened hearts

Encouraging others through word and deed

Innermost souls crying for the ignorant, yet

Never relenting, never degraded, never defeated

Gathering as the collective to birth a glorious refuge

Until then, so many lessons and goals!

Second chances may not come

Enable your empathy! Release your pride and join us, or else

Death of the “firstborn” will follow once again

Poetry Copyright © 2019 by Ena Whiteraven   All rights reserved.

Based on:“One Thing After Another…”and Angelic Promise

Artwork: found online, artist unknown

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Rhubarb Tea — Wildflower Walks & Garden

I look forward to the local farm stands opening each year around the middle of May. Some of the first goodies available are rhubarb and mint. It’s become a Spring time tradition to make rhubarb tea in my home. It’s delicious with fresh squeezed orange juice, tea, and honey. I chop the rhubarb into 2-3 […]Rhubarb... Continue Reading →

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