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“Dust Of Deception” – Poetry

Brand-new poetry is up at T.W.N. !

The Whiteraven Net


I arrived at a performance filled with laughter and joy

A light-hearted comedy to shake off the dust of depression

So many care-free moments filled with wide-eyed innocence.

But then I briefly recalled my heart’s passion

That key to illusions past, present, and future

And it raised the second curtain on the theater before me.

The laughter was in mockery, they reveled in darkness and sin

The comedy was a tragedy of broken hearts and lonely souls

No standard to be held to, no truth to prevent starvation.

And so I shook the dust of deception from my being

In favor of wide-eyed wisdom.

Poetry Copyright © 2020 by Ena Whiteraven   All rights reserved.

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“The Key to Abusive Relationships and Mind Control Handlers” – Video

Alura's latest video maps out the steps used in abuse and mind control, as well as who the ideal targets for abuse are. Very informative, clear, and concise. If you have any of these red flags in your relationships, please seek help immediately!

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