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Spiritual Life Theme

I am so excited about this project! Everyone is welcome to join in. Hope to spread new uplifting lessons, positivity, and joy with you all.

Spiritually Awkward

This the month of July in 2020. Starting this 22nd of the month I’ll be kicking off the “Spiritual Life” theme months. I want to inspire and motivate other people for a fun but more righteous life. Spirituality is found in the many facets of life. I want to motivate others so that even amongst those who have the most extreme of lessons in life. Life is challenging now, for many. Let’s lift the vibrations as best as we can.

Please follow along here monthly and on social media at Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. I’ll have a post here and on those social media platforms for you to follow along in regards to activities and goals.

Check the next post for this months theme!

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Personal Post/ Blog Update: “Schedule and Energy Challenges”

  As the journey towards higher self continues, I've been making some changes in my life. Recently, I posted about trying to be more just with myself. This has been a constant struggle, but I'm still working on it.   However, I've also been prompted to check my words to make sure they don't hurt.... Continue Reading →

Wednesday’s “The Grateful Five”

  Today, I give heartfelt thanks to Source for: the sound of rainthe chance to learn more from Alura through her coursesthat I have someone in my family who is like-mindedthe grass and clover that's growing in the backyardthe rabbits I see hiding in the grass

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