Personal Post: “The Tornado Lesson in Faith and Trust”

  So many people have difficulty with faith or even believing that Heaven and God are real. Others struggle to stay positive these days and find a happy balance between being the better change and not allowing the world to affect them. We all have times of feeling alone or lost. Perhaps this little story... Continue Reading →

Alura’s Latest Trumpet Blast

More to be on the look out for. I've already seen some possible examples of what She's predicting. These messages aren't given to frighten; they're given as proof that Heaven is real. The Creator is real, and we're being invited to make the changes that will ensure our own safety and bring back some joy... Continue Reading →

Friday’s “The Grateful Five”

Today I give thanks to the Creator for: new seeds that have begun to sproutgood, clean humor and jokes that lift my spiritsmy spirits guidesfor a chance to live and grow another dayfor animals who are the last vestiges of innocent and purity in the world

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