Personal Post: “A Time of Testing and Thoughts”

It's a time of testing for me, which is one of the reasons why content on this blog has been delayed a little bit. I'm learning a lot and having to apply more of what I know. Although I've been very uncomfortable lately, I have been assured that if I keep on the path I'm... Continue Reading →

Cyber safety

Great information for anyone online.

A life of Virtues Magazine

Just a quick post because I know more than anyone how important it is to be secure while online. I have had my share issues. I’ve had hacking, mobile phone mirroring, redirect looping, IP address circle redirecting, and shadow banning, not to mention an entire company that was hired to track my business website’s traffic to compete. Just recently my fifth cellphone was hacked and then my mothers, my daughters, and then my daughter’s boyfriend. It wasn’t a surprise to find out that couple of my clients also had a similar issue, those would actually spoken with me on the phone that is. I posted about this in another blog. So this morning I get a notification that yet again, we have another cyber issue.

Be safe

I was informed by my browser and my pc protection both, that 36 websites that I had logged into with my password and…

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