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The True Sacred Space: Life Tips (inspired by the latest Herald and Trumpet Blast)

On December 23rd of last year, my mentor and friend, Alura Cein, released a new Trumpet Blast highlighting prophecies that are currently being fulfilled. I urge everyone coming across this post to click the link and read Her work first.

As always, I began instituting the suggestions given and have been encouraging others to do the same. I’m going to be sharing a few things across my social media platforms in the upcoming months that pertain to it, as well; but for now, I wanted to do a complimentary post to help any readers who feel overwhelmed or lost because they have never even thought of taking precautions like these. This is also to give others an idea of some things that might make their adjustments easier and less time-consuming.

Clean Air

We have been using an affordable air purifier from amazon for which we can easily order replacement filters. We can also get them with a carbon filter to help cut down on even more dust. However, over the past month or so, the air quality has gotten considerably worse – and that’s just indoors! We’re not even talking about what’s outside. I’ve posted about this on my Instagram page.

No one can afford to be without an air filter these days. Just look at the photos I’ve posted, if you have any doubts. I know others are getting serious about their air quality now, too, due to the predictions. My hope is to buy a better filter at some point, but for now, we use a small unit that can be moved from room to room.

Working Out

Staying active is vitally important, as Alura has said many times. Remember, She doesn’t say we have to stay inside all the time – just avoid more heavily populated areas. I still think it’s good to get out in nature whenever possible and to change the air (and, therefore, energy) in the house each day, weather permitting. This is another reason why air filtration is needed.

Strolls on walking trails and at nearby parks are great. When at home, keeping a regular workout schedule has helped me feel a lot better, physically and emotionally. I do a variety of routines, changing them up so that my body doesn’t get used to just one thing.

Lately, I’ve been taking advantage of videos on the MadFit channel, as well. People frequently forget how important stretching is. Last year, I made a goal to become more flexible and build up my muscles. I’m happy to say this channel has helped me stay motivated enough to reach that goal!

Diet and Nutrition

Alura also mentioned nutrition. If there was ever a time to change or improve your diet, this is it. If you aren’t sure where to go for supplements, you can try Living Farms. She carries the mullein leaf, which Alura has recommended, as well as a superfood supplement I can personally vouch for. The rose hip capsules are also great for women on their menstrual cycle, which is when I take them. As a result, I almost never have pain.

Stop buying bottled water and invest in a water filter. You can bottle your own water at home, save money, and build up a reserve that will come in handy during tough times. We use the Water Wise filtration system and even got one of their shower filters, too. They make a profound difference. They also sell the cleaning solution for the tabletop filter.

We’ve been using their products for years and are very happy with them. They recently sent us a replacement gasket for the shower filter when we told them the old one had worn out. So, their customer service is pretty good.


At the moment, we use products from Blueland. They are vegan and cruelty-free, and all packaging is recyclable. They also have hand soap and dishwasher soap. Since everything comes in the form of solid pellets, it saves on water usage and shipping costs. You can make up a batch of multi-surface spray or glass cleaner when you need to, which also saves on storage space. It’s a lot of fun and rather relaxing to watch the pellets dissolve in the hot water, too. I can see how parents with young children might be able to use that to make cleaning time more appealing to them.

You can also get some nifty cleaning tools to help make the job faster and easier. One that I now use on a daily basis is a UV sterilizer. I’m not including the link because we’re not 100% happy with the kind we got and will be checking out an alternative company. I’ll share that source when it comes in.

These are not substitutes for a real wipe-down, but using them does ensure I only have to pull out the Blueland once a day – unless I’m bringing a lot of packages, etc., in from the outside (or if there’s a lot of dirt being brought in). Of course, I wipe down the wand, as well, and am always careful not to shine it in my eyes or on my skin.

There are some that are made specifically for clothing, too. Be sure you take the clothes off before you sterilize them. Again, this is not a substitute for washing; but it has helped make laundry day easier when it comes to cleaning coats, sweaters, etc.

Spiritual Growth and Energy Maintenance

Finally, I cannot stress enough the need for energy work – and I’m not talking about reiki or the stuff you find on trendy youtube channels, or the so-called “alternative healing” info that has been out there for decades. I mean the real stuff. Be extremely careful who you allow to “work” on you. Ask a lot of questions; this is your physical, energetic, and spiritual health – your soul – that you’re trusting this person with.

The only person I trust with my energy is Alura, and I have discovered through personal experience how vital it is to get and maintain proper care. Regular clearings and a protection grid are a necessity. If you think they’re not, get one from Her and see what I mean. You’ll wonder how you were able to do anything without it! She’s the real deal; what She offers actually works.

I also highly recommend getting regular guidance, checking out things like the Heavenly Homework, Spirit’s Choice, or – if you really want improvements and are serious about taking care of your spirit – take a look at Her soul development program on Her website. Alura’s online platforms and website setup are changing this year, but don’t worry. I will update all links when they go live.

Final Note

I hope these ideas helped everyone to feel more proactive about the changing times. Alura has stated that this year will be rough for some people after January, but it doesn’t have to be miserable. Despite having so much going on over here, I will be continuing the True Sacred Space for the foreseeable future, with new content going up on Tuesdays. I can’t promise there’ll be something new every single week, but I do have more posts planned and will try to announce them ahead of time.

I’m excited about all the wonderful things this year will bring and the improvements I’ll be creating myself. With the right guidance, a person’s life can get better – no matter what the rest of the world chooses to do – as long as that person chooses to listen.

  • E.W.

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