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The True Sacred Space: “Do, Don’t, and Monitor”

We have already touched on the true sacred space. Let’s start there, because all things come from it. Some of the things I don’t allow in my sacred space are: alcohol, drugs, gateway substances, the majority of modern “music”, swearing, television, and the majority of modern films.

I try to keep a very close eye on what I take in, knowing that at some point it’s going to come back out. When the influences creep in, I have to work on getting them out again. Actively maintaining yourself is vitally important.

Some of what I let in instead includes the following: classical music, positive affirmations, recorded prayers to God and Heaven, documentaries, science and history info, Celtic music, Gregorian chants, frequent walks, natural studies, time with animals, vegan and vegetarian food (preferably vegan), clean water filtered at home, studies to improve/expand skills, as many books as I can get.

I will also note that I have never and will never use an electronic book of any kind. The longer you remain on the screen, the worse it is for your brain, overall health, and social skills. Also, more natural light is key. Over the years, I’ve transitioned to using daylight and candlelight far more than electric. My mood and stress levels seem to have improved as a result.

I regularly feature my current reads on my Instagram page. I will include a few of my favorites here in a future post, as well. This year, I’ve been reading far more non-fiction than fiction. Since I have a “Hobbies and Skills” section on S.D. already, I’ll showcase a few that tie-in to this topic and can help you become more self-sufficient in these worsening times.

This post is a complementary addition to Alura Cein’s recent entry sharing what She does on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis – along with affordable things you can do yourself if you’re unable to get the more serious help right now.

Now, let’s talk about some of the specifics. Get ready for lists, links, and challenges!

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