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True Sacred Space: “It’s not the altar”

When people talk about sacred space, they invariably use the term to mean something very stereotypical – a church building, a circle, an altar, a shrine. While those are all nice to look at, what are they truly? Stuff.

My mentor Alura has always taught that the spiritual journey is not part of life; life is the spiritual journey. If you’ve taken Her courses, you have a better idea of just how deep this saying goes. Therefore (in my considered opinion), sacred space isn’t a thing. It’s a person, a spirit, a soul. It’s you.

What is it that we’re taught about places that are sacred? There are things you don’t bring to them, do in them, or use them for. Profanity, nearly all modern music, inappropriate dress and behavior, and impure thoughts and feelings are just a few of the big no-nos. Yet what do we see in people’s lives? All of the above and more. If life is the spiritual journey and you are the sacred space, then is it any wonder so few of us are truly happy? Look at what we’re letting in!

Another thing I learned with Alura is that what you put into your consciousness goes with you, both in life and after you die. All that information – be it visual, emotional, mental, spiritual, psychological, etc. – will be used for something at some point in one way or another. What do you think it’s going to be used for?

Many people say they want to learn the truth, but how many really mean it? Learning the truth means you can no longer live the way you used to. You have no excuse to behave the way you did before, and you can’t just go out and party, drink, gossip, make yourself “feel good”, treat others like trash, or talk bad about your family anymore. You start to see all things as lessons, exercises in faith and perseverance, chances to make someone else’s world a little brighter, and opportunities to improve yourself and let go.

I will say, however, that having a physical space or object in your life to act as a focal point during your time alone with Spirit can be of enormous benefit. I was unable to have a clearly defined altar for most of my life. Only in the last six years was I finally in a position to be open about my path in my own home, but before that, there were still things I did to stay connected. Over the course of this series, I’ll share some of my own tips and ideas, including what I do on a daily basis now to keep myself in a better place.

This series is a compliment to the previously shared info from Alura Cein that can be found here. Having Her as my mentor was the best decision I could have made, and I continue to work with Her as regularly as possible. I highly recommend using Her tips in that post and will add my own testimonials and new habits, as well, in a future entry.

There are positives in the negatives and negatives in the positives. And through it all, you grow. Let’s take a look at ways to bring a little more purity and fun into our lives.

  • E.W.

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