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Contribution to the Weekly Smile: “Neighborly” #weeklysmile

  Yay! I’m back with another Weekly Smile! I really like doing these but have been pretty busy lately.

  After a full week of chaos, our apartment is getting back to normal. A request to fix a leaky pipe turned into a serious overhaul. It turned out the leak had been going on for much longer than anyone though, and half of the bathroom need to be torn out to repair the damage. Well, we needed an upgrade anyway – and we’re very happy with it! Now we’re working to get things cleaned and organized again.  This morning, I had the chance to help my neighbor out. She’s been very stressed lately because she hasn’t been able to use her phone for three weeks, and now she needed to be on a business call. She only had a couple of hours, and her phone still wouldn’t work. So I loaned her mine so she could call her provider again. Thankfully, they were able to not only fix the problem but also gave added a credit to her account due to the fact that she hadn’t had service during that time.

  While my neighbor can be a little irritating at times, it was nice to help her out. She was extremely relieved and grateful and complimented me on my new braces. It turns out she has some, too – the Invisalign kind. Sometimes, relationships can be challenging, but we have to remember that everyone is learning their own lessons at their own paces and in their own ways. (I learned that from Alura.) A little compassion, empathy, and patience goes a long way. All in all, this was the best morning I’ve had in quite a while.

  • E.W.

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