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Contribution to the Weekly Smile / Hobby Post: “Paper Crafting, Trash Clean-up, and Family Time” #weeklysmile

  Recently, I’ve revived my childhood love of paper crafting – origami, card-making, etc. While I’ve been doing the cards for a long time now, I decided to find some new ideas and techniques to try and came across a Youtube channel with lots of inspiration.

  I just made a special holiday one for a friend and will be making a birthday card for her eldest daughter this week. It’s so much fun and a great stress reliever (at least, for me). My mother is getting in on the act, too! This week, we’re going to start work on an origami wreath. We found the kit for it at Barnes and Noble, and after looking through the instructions, I think it will be pretty easy. I’ve never made an origami wreath before, but wreath-making was always one of my favorite things growing up. Now I have the best of both worlds! I’ll be sure to post pictures of the project, too.

  Another thing that made me happy was that we went out for a walk yesterday in the beautiful weather. It was very windy, and I managed to pick up some of the trash that was blowing around. I couldn’t get a lot because of traffic, but I did what I could. I felt good to help the earth a little more. I have begun getting back into my clean-up routine as the weather’s been improving. It gets me out of the house, betters the environment, and helps me stay fit, too. Three-in-one!

3 thoughts on “Contribution to the Weekly Smile / Hobby Post: “Paper Crafting, Trash Clean-up, and Family Time” #weeklysmile

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  1. Havign different creative outlets is always great. i know a few people who are into making cards and they have a lot of fun with it. I occasionally pick up trash when I walk, but not often enough. Have a wonderful week 🙂

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