“Those Threads” – Contribution to The Weekly Smile #weeklysmile

  My latest contribution to The Weekly Smile prompt ties in with a new topic I’m introducing to S.D. : hobbies and skills. I mentioned in a recent blog update that I would be putting out new content like this, so I thought I would start with this post. It’s certainly something that makes me smile because of how many of my childhood interests have paid off.

One of the skills that I taught myself as a girl was darning. I can’t count the number of times it’s come in handy. Thanks to my passion for self-sufficiency and more natural living, I have saved myself a huge amount of money and resources by repairing various articles of clothing instead of buying new ones. It felt good this week to know that I can keep my favorite socks and tights instead of throwing them out. I simply filled in the holes and continued wearing them, as usual.

  My sewing basket is one of my favorite possessions and is heavily used. It’s like a magical treasure chest filled with threads and cotton pearls of almost every color. I get the majority of my supplies from a sewing recycle shop in a nearby town – cost effective and sustainable.

My next skill that I have been working to master is dressmaking. I know it will take a lot of practice and diligence, but I’m very excited to finally have the clothes I want. I spent my whole life wearing clothing I didn’t like, and they never fit correctly. Now I have my own sewing machine (the one my mother used for years – she gave it to me when she got a replacement), and I intend to make good use of it. Who knows? Perhaps one day I will be proficient enough to make things for friends and family. It’s definitely a good goal to shoot for.

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