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Personal Post: “Affirmations Playlist”

  I was never much interested in affirmations in the past because they didn’t seem to work. Looking back, it’s possible I wasn’t using the right ones or doing them for the right amount of time. We tend to get discouraged because the changes don’t happen instantly. Also, I think I wasn’t really ready to change some things about myself back then. If you’re not very willing or open, it’s harder to get into a positive mindset.

  A lot has changed in my life in the intervening years because I’ve grown so much by listening to Alura. That’s not to say that life is a bowl of cherries now; everyone has good days and bad. Everyone is put through tests and challenged to overcome obstacles. That’s how you prove to yourself that you really understand what you learned. What good is the knowledge if you never get a chance to use it? 

I’ve been making a playlist of positive affirmations on my Youtube channel. Periodically, I update and add new ones I find that seem to work for me. Feel free to check it out if you need some uplifting thoughts to begin or end your day with.

  • E.W.

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