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“The Weekly Smile” #weeklysmile “The Magic Of Books!”

One of my all-time favorite activities growing up was reading, both silently and out loud to my mother. Recently, we’ve picked the tradition back up by reading before bed. As Alura has mentioned in this new article, it’s a wonderful way to better your physical and mental health, build your vocabulary, better family time and bond with others, and even learn a few new things more easily.
  At the moment, we’re having a lot of fun reviewing all my favorite childhood books. It brings back a lot of magic, values, and good humor! One of my favorites is the Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle books by Betty Mac Donald. (I have the original ones with illustrations by Hilary Knight.) We’ve been reading one short story a night and often laugh until it hurts.

I highly recommend them to anyone who wants something clean and decent for themselves or their children to read and share. They even make you think about some of the habits and thoughts you have yourself. Enjoy!

  • E.W.

3 thoughts on ““The Weekly Smile” #weeklysmile “The Magic Of Books!”

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  1. I do read before going to bed. Things like childhood favorites is a great idea – one problem I have is I might only read for 10 minutes, or sometimes less, so I don’t need something heavy that is hard to put down or impossible to get the thread again when I pick it up! An old favorite might be just the thing…

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