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Blog Update Part Two – Bonus: Literary Update!

  There are many things happening behind the scenes, but here is what I’m able to share now.

New Content: I have been encouraged by my mentor to expand the content on my blog. Because of that, I’ve re-written the “About” page and will be releasing posts on several new topics – some serious, some humorous. I’m looking forward to having fun with this!

Writing Prompts: I will be contributing to “The Weekly Smile” periodically, as well as several other prompts I’ve found both online and off. “The Grateful Five” will be a permanent part of the blog, and I encourage anyone who wants to join in to comment each time I post something in this category and list five things you are grateful for, too. Everyone is welcome to participate!

New Series: Because I am very open about my support of the vegan movement and in light of more and more people being forced to seek other ways to feed their families, I thought now was a good time to share some of my own personal stories and experiences. Everyone’s journey to better health is different, and everyone has a slightly different way of living a cruelty-free life. So I’ve decided to begin sharing mine.

This won’t be a lengthy series, but I do think it will give others a different perspective of veganism, as well as some of the people who adopt it and why. There’s never just one reason why a person makes a life style change such as this, and that is what I hope to show. I’m excited about these stories because I don’t get to share them very often. I also write on a similar topic for my friend and mentor, Alura Cein, on A Life Of Virtues Magazine and am continuing to contribute content to her blog, which will be released at the right time.

Literary Update: For those who have been following my writing career, I am currently reformatting my first book before sending it to a new agent. This process has generated a new draft which is far superior to the previous one, and I’m very excited to get feedback on it. At the moment, I’m beginning work on the fourth chapter and hope to be able to start the submission process again at the beginning of next year.

I hope you’re all doing well and are as eager as I am to see where the future takes us. Look for some of this new content coming soon.

  • E.W.

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