Personal Post: “A Time of Testing and Thoughts”

It’s a time of testing for me, which is one of the reasons why content on this blog has been delayed a little bit. I’m learning a lot and having to apply more of what I know. Although I’ve been very uncomfortable lately, I have been assured that if I keep on the path I’m on and follow instructions, I will see improvement.

The Heavens put everyone through a time of testing periodically. The question is: can we recognize when it’s happening? We like to think so, but can we really? The more you learn, the more intricate the world becomes. I’m so glad I have a mentor who helps me through it.

Unfortunately, my most recent job search did not go well – or did it? I did learn a few things, both about the world and myself. I’m not giving up, but I do need to work on balancing the various aspects of my life and myself. I have begun setting a few new goals and trying not to be quite so hard on myself when things change. I can’t control anything in the world except how I react to it. In light of the most recent Angelic Herald, I’m determined that there’s no going back for me now. Maybe at some point, I’ll discuss how I stay positive while keeping up to date. (I’m far from perfect, but that’s ok. I’m human.)

I hope others who may feel they’ve gone off track are encouraged to come back. Regardless of our background or perceived differences, we are a family. Family is one of the most important things in the world. Don’t let the new society re-define it. Fight for yourself and your children. If you don’t, probably no one else will. If you think you’re alone in feeling lost or overwhelmed, you’re not. There is hope. Following the instructions given in the Heralds, can keep you safe. Being on the look out for the changes that are coming, ensures that you won’t be deceived again. Alura has even advised people on how to keep food on the table while still being healthy.

I’ll be sharing some of her inspirational content from A Life Of Virtues Magazine in a few of my upcoming posts, and I might even add a few of my own stories and experiences. Look for that and a new blog update to appear here soon.


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