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“Lit. Update and Brand-New Topics!” (part one)

  Welcome back, and season’s greetings! At long last, I’m about to begin posting new topics and content to my personal blog. Here are a few of the updates:

Positive Writing Participation:  I have come across a few other blogs here on WordPress that offer writing prompts with interesting and very positive themes, and I’ve decided to participate. Several upcoming posts here on Superlative Deviation will be based on those themes and contain links back to the original blogger who inspired me.

Novel Reformat:  Currently, I’m in the process of updating the format of my first book. Afterwards, I will be querying a couple new agents. I am using the A.A.R. as a resource to find reputable people in the industry.They include agents who represent nearly every type and genre imaginable. I and highly recommend that all new writers take advantage of this resource. It’s unbelievable how many con artists are out there. Stay smart!

I hope you all have a wonderful fall season.

  • E.W.

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