Personal Post – “How To Balance?”

  For some time now, I’ve been struggling with managing my time, energy, and priorities. Over the past week, it seems to have gotten even more difficult. Since I now have to make time for my job, family, daily chores, personal care, meditation, exercise, and starting up writing again, it seems to be an impossible task. Unfortunately, I still have to eat and sleep; and there are times when I simply don’t feel like rushing around – and I do rush, believe me.

  However, I know there are plenty of people out there who have even more responsibilities than I do. They manage to make it work. You can pray while you’re doing the dishes. You can practice clearing your mind while you vacuum. Just because life is hectic, that doesn’t mean the things and people who keep you happy, vital, and positive should be abandoned. If anything, I think the connection you have with them becomes even more important.

  I’m trying to learn several new skills now and have many more on my list. This forces me to be more structured and realistic about what I do and don’t have time for, what is or isn’t important, and take a hard look at what I focus on the most throughout the day. I’m also being challenged to be more patient and forgiving towards myself. This has made me view others in a slightly different way, as well.

  Now – per Alura’s new article that I just shared here – I’ll be writing a letter to someone I care for, and I need to get it done today. I love writing – handwriting most of all – but when you already do it so much in your personal life, it gets a little old. Nevertheless, I think I should do it more often; and today’s project is exactly the motivation I need!

  Join us!

  • E.W.

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