“First and Last” – Poetry

New poem.

The Whiteraven Net

angel and lyre

Entertainment reaching filthier depths

Jet-setting prophets with pulpits of gold

Woe to the child! Woe to the parent!

Repetitive sales pitch a thousand years old

There’s a Devil in the books, screens, and boards

Dressed up in words of trendy expression

He wants to rule forever and a day

Camouflaged with stylish, brand-name presentation

The ego is made the idol

Ever remember, this too shall pass

Lies of the ages made new

They never say your first breath is your last

They said to sit, let the world go by

I knew a girl from a far away town

“Make money, ponder, give us your riches!”

I’m not the person I used to be now

Who might be behind the curtain?

We’re expecting an earthquake and a monsoon

The Queen of Hearts and Drama?

The Gods have rung in seven years of doom

We all reap what we sow


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