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Personal Post: “You are not alone”

  It feels good to be writing a personal post again! Needless to say, it’s been hectic trying to get the novel completed and manage life, as well – but I’m happy to say it’s worked! I’m about to schedule a consultation with my mentor Alura where we will discuss my next moves in career and life in general. There’s so much to do, but having a plan helps prevent me from becoming overwhelmed. 

If you have been following this blog, then you know my views on the current world situation. I and others in our group are not about to let it stop us! Granted it’s hard staying motivated sometimes, but with the regular messages coming in from above and the companionship we have online, we are determined to see it through. The most recent message from Archangel Michael (which I just shared here) was just the boost I needed that day – and always! Alura also has a weekly card reading done on March 20th that she posted to this page on Facebook. It’s exactly what I was going through, and the news really helped.

  Don’t get me wrong, there are still some things that concern me. My mother desperately needs dental attention. Her teeth have been braking again, but thankfully she’s in no pain. It’s hard to find a place that’s not complying with the hysteria and propaganda, but I’m leaving it in Source’s hands and continuing to look and focus on other priorities. The most important thing is she’s not in pain. In fact, she’s participating in the beauty challenge Alura has set. Just search for Alura Cein’s profile on Instagram, and you’ll find details of how to enter. I’ve also reposted the article she did about it here on my personal blog.

  We are continuing with Motivational Monday and will start having theme weeks in the group again soon, too. Activities such as these help maintain a level of normality regardless of whatever else is happening. Personally, I have begun distributing small fliers with links to a couple of Alura’s Angelic Heralds. I’m leaving all over my neighborhood and town each time I go out for a walk. This way I can share the good news in a way that give the person time to slow down, stop, and think. Hopefully, I can help calm the tension in the area. Mom even left some in the store the last time she went shopping. Maybe the shelves being mostly empty is a blessing in disguise; it forces people to re-evaluate and takes away other distractions that would get them to ignore the message. 

Anyway, with Alura’s other predictions about further internet problems and everything we watch, buy, sell, etc. being monitored and regulated already coming true, I could spend time being concerned; but I won’t. I’m working on the life purpose that my higher self set for me and exercising my faith in the Creator. That’s what will get all of us through this time. Like Alura said, what you focus on will become your reality. If you read a lot about the sickness, you’re taking that program in and will manifest it. If you already have it or know someone who does (how many of us actually do? hm…) see what she says here. Send her pictures of the paperwork from the doctor, and she’ll send you a healing for free. No strings attached.

Please know that you’re not alone. You are loved, seen, heard, and appreciated. Don’t give up! Help each other, and don’t be afraid to pray. Love to you all!

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