It’s Happening!: Lit. / Blog Update

  If you follow my author site, The Whiteraven Net, you’ll have seen the update I posted giving info on my new schedule. To recap, I’ll be posting to both that site and Superlative Deviation on Tuesdays now. While I can’t guarantee a post each week (that’s a lot of writing, and I do have other things to balance, as well), anything I do have will be released on that day.

  I’ve also been sharing other writer’s work here on my personal blog. Recently, I began reposting content from a brand-new page created by a fellow student of Alura’s. She is a truly motivational person, and I’m proud to give her space on my page. Any other writers or poets I come across who inspire me will be shared here, too. Who inspires and motivates you? If they have a page or site, contact me. Maybe I’ll check them out!

  Great new content is in the works – not only for T.W.N. but for my physical writing, as well. The final chapter of my novel is nearly half-finished, and I’m so thrilled about it! It will be wonderful to send it off to my agent, get it in the hands of the perfect publisher, and finally offer it to all of you. I think the world’s ready for it. I’m currently mapping out future projects, too, and planning a more diverse future for myself. One step at a time, though.

  It’s hard to stay positive these days, and when you’re working in a creative field, it’s vital to stay positive. I’ve been posting a lot of new content to my Instagram and Facebook pages, and more is on the way. Be sure to follow me there. You might even enjoy joining one of my favorite groups, Exploring Angels. We’re a true family and always lift each other up while staying informed of the changes in the world. If you want support, kindness, empathy, fun, and a unique look into a more virtuous life, feel free to enter! I post messages there regularly and always try to comment on other’s posts, as well.

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