Welcome To the Launch!

For several years, I ran a Tumblr blog originally called “The Little Star Project”. Some time afterwards, I changed the name to “SuperlativeDeviation – the Blog”. The page was dedicated primarily to sharing the work and inspiration of my best friend and mentor Alura Cein, who also has a couple of blogs on Tumblr. However, circumstances (and the world) changed in those two years.

Late last year, I began earnestly disconnecting from all social media – effectively avoiding becoming a member of the Indoor Generation. This included, most recently, closing my accounts on Tumblr and Facebook and even recreating my own online literary platform, whiteravennet.wordpress.com . Still, I very much wanted to continue giving my friend the support and encouragement she needed. So I came up with the idea of recreating my Tumblr page as a WordPress site – a kind of fan page / personal blog that would be kept separate from The Whiteraven Net. This allows me to give my poetry and short stories their own space as I work towards completing my novels, but at the same time I have an area where I can share the joy of working with this amazing woman.

At long last, the new site is completed! Superlative Deviation will be a more personal space where I’ll share a few of my own experiences, as well as articles and links to Alura’s work and videos. Other content that I previously would post to social media will appear here, as well. Be sure to follow for frequent updates and surprises.  It’s going to be an interesting ride!

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